A photo of the punk rock band Stoke Signals taken in Vernon, California. The band is standing on railroad tracks. The photo was shot by Adam Stanzak.
Stoke Signals played their first show in January 2024, and blew everyone’s fucking minds.

From the still smoldering ashes of Promise Me This and Holy Fangs, Stoke Signals is here to comfort and hold you, but very loudly.

Get stoked for summer 2024, when Stoke Signals brings you a debut LP of 12 melodic punk bangers and a slew of shows around some of LA’s most well-known punk venues, all out of the kindness of their shriveled, dead little hearts.

Stoke Signals is:
Chris Perez - Guitar & Vocals
Giuliano Messina - Vocals & Guitar
Jordan Calhoun - Bass
Michael Nusbaum - Drums